SocialStars 4th Annual Best of 2019 Winners
SocialSuperStar of the Year 2019 Winner
SocialStars 3rd Annual Best of 2018 Awards winners
2018 Featured Artist of the Year

                Featured Artist of the Year                

                                                                  Liddy Clark            

Congratulations to Liddy Clark for becoming our first ever fan voted Featured Artist of the Year. Liddy was our October Featured Artist and has trail blazed her way into the hearts of all her fans with her music that combines multiple genres with her own unique blend of styles. We are proud to have her as a member of the SocialStars family and look forward to seeing more of her in the coming year. Make sure to follow her and check out her latest single "Falling Into You" 

Best of SocialStars 2016 Awards video

This is a compilation of music, videos and photos from The Best of SocialStars 2016 Awards. With "Don't Miss" by Karianne Jean, "Phoenix" by Facing West, "Spark" by Alyssa Baker, "Heck of a Story" by Maggie Baugh and a Disturbed cover of "The Light" by Jassy J. Give it a 👍🏻 if you enjoy it and Subscribe to our channel! Thank you to all the #SocialStars that made this possible and all the nominees and winners. See description for all the artists involved in our online awards.

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